What is Underarm Deodorant?

Underarm deodorant is basically a product that is a combination of ingredients that helps you to remove your body odor. This body odor is caused when the bacteria in your body introduces toxins in your sweat. Once this happens, the body starts emitting a foul smell. The degree of foulness would vary from person to person. Very often this body odor is so offensive that it can create a lot of problems to any person who wants to be socially active. An underarm deodorant will prevent the growth of bacteria under your armpits that is responsible for body odor.

Types of underarm deodorants – the deodorants that prevent sweating under your armpits are known as antiperspirants. They block the pores under your armpits thus not allowing you to sweat under your armpits. They are able to do this with the help of certain aluminum chemicals that are present in them. You can pick up deodorants of the following types from any shopping centre – stick deodorants, gel deodorants, spray deodorants and roll-on deodorants. Depending on your personal taste, you can use any type of underarm deodorant to eliminate your body odor.

History – we have ample records in the past where our ancestors have tried various kinds of methods to reduce the odor on their body including under the armpits. The Egyptians were well known for taking scented baths that had special perfume oils which were used to remove the offensive body odor. Similarly the Romans and the Greeks too had various ways to take care of body odor problems.

First trademarked antiperspirant – although our ancestors have used a number of beauty products to prevent body odor in the past, the first antiperspirant that was launched and trademarked in the United States was ‘Mum’. This happened in the year 1888. It was in cream form and not very easy to apply on the skin. After some years, Everdry was launched – this was the first antiperspirant that used aluminum chloride in its composition.

Variety of deodorants – the next fifteen years saw major developments in the production of different kinds of underarm deodorants. Various kinds of deodorants like dabbers, creams, roll-ons and pads were launched. Similarly the anti-perspirant aerosol deodorant was first introduced to the world in 1965. Aerosols became very popular as they helped the user to easily apply the underarm deodorant without needing to touch the armpits’ region in any way. In fact they became so popular that they formed a major part of all underarm deodorant sales in the United States in the 1970’s.

Right now the popularity of the types of underarm deodorants keeps on changing in the United States and Europe. While a certain form of underarm deodorant may be popular in one country, another form of underarm deodorant will gain popularity in another country.

The market is totally flooded with a large number of products that have variations in their ingredients. There are underarm deodorants especially for people with sensitive skin. At the end of the day, you need to choose an underarm deodorant that will take care of all your needs.

Health Effects of Using Underarm Deodorant

Although an underarm deodorant is one of the best ways of tackling offensive body odor, you need to be aware of the number of health effects that can occur if you are not using the right type of underarm deodorant for your armpits. You should always check out the quality of the underarm deodorant before you buy one for yourself. This is important because there are so many cases where people have faced a number of negative effects after they have used the wrong type of underarm deodorant.

Some of the common problems faced by people when they use the wrong type of deodorants are as follows – itching of the skin, rashes on the skin, burning sensation and redness. Some deodorant even may cause serious health risk such as aluminum neurotoxicity, breast cancer and renal dysfunction. You should avoid using underarm deodorant in the following cases:

If you have open cuts under your armpits, don’t use deodorants – wait for the cuts to heal completely before you actually try out underarm deodorants. Also avoid using deodorants if you have just shaved your armpits. In both the cases, you will get a burning sensation on your skin or face some other kind of skin irritation after you have applied underarm deodorants on your armpits.

Keep the following things in mind when you shop for a good deodorant:

Avoid certain types of chemicals – if you are one of those people who are allergic to a number of chemicals, you should always check for the list of ingredients that has been used for preparing a particular underarm deodorant. If the deodorant contains a chemical that is not right for your skin, avoid such a deodorant.

Use natural deodorants – if your skin is extra sensitive to any kind of chemicals, then you need to only use underarm deodorant that has been made especially for sensitive skin by using only natural ingredients that cannot cause any skin irritation. Such a deodorant has been made by using ingredients that are best for your skin and are known to be totally safe in every possible way. Once again, you can always check the list of ingredients that has been listed on the deodorant to confirm if all the ingredients are totally natural. A natural deodorant will only prevent body odor without causing any kind of skin irritation.

Avoid use of aluminum – since there are many doubts regarding the negative effects of aluminum on our skin, it is best to avoid any underarm deodorant that uses aluminum. Normally antiperspirants are the types of deodorants that have aluminum as one of their ingredients, so you can keep antiperspirants off your shopping list. Also sweating is a natural process of the body – it helps you to get rid of wastes that are present in your body besides controlling body temperature. So it’s much better to use a natural deodorant instead of using antiperspirant as it doesn’t interfere with the sweating process of your body – instead it will just tackle the bacteria that is responsible for causing odor in your body.

Other harmful substances – avoid any deodorants that contain the following things – Propylene Glycol, parabens and fragrance.

If you take care of all the above mentioned things, you will not face any kind of negative health effect while using underarm deodorant for your armpits.

Comparison of Dr. Mist Deodorant with other deodorants

The right way of checking a good underarm deodorant is by comparing it with all the other underarm deodorants that are present in the market. So let’s find out how Dr. Mist deodorant scores over all the other underarm deodorants that are present in the market. Once you have read all the facts that have been given below, you will easily realize that Dr. Mist deodorant is your best bet for tackling body odor in an effective manner.Dr. Mist deodorant delivers what it promises – Dr. Mist deodorant is one of the rare underarm deodorants that actually gives you what it promises, so you can be easily assured that your body odor will be effectively eliminated without causing you any kind of skin irritation or any other skin problem on your body.

Very Economical – Dr. Mist deodorant is great as you can use a single spray for all your family members. Normally this is not possible with other underarm deodorants as there is a chance of contamination. But such is not the case with Dr. Mist deodorant.

Not messy  Dr. Mist deodorant is considered to be a great underarm deodorant by all its users as it doesn’t cause any kind of stickiness when it is used under the armpits – you will feel very comfortable after using it unlike other deodorants that can cause all kinds of irritation after applying them under your armpits.

Avoids any kind of stains on your clothes – it is very handy as it doesn’t cause any kind of stains on your clothes after you have sprayed it under your armpits. This is a common problem faced while using any other underarm deodorant.

The right set of ingredients – since Dr. Mist underarm deodorant only uses ingredients that have been sourced from natural resources; you will get a fresh and natural feeling after you have used it. Such a feeling can rarely be experienced in most of the other deodorants.

Long lasting action – it has an action that really lasts for a long time. So not only does it take care of all the germs that harm your skin but also helps yours skin to remain fresher for a longer period of time if you compare it with any other underarm deodorant.

Use it in combination with another perfume – since it doesn’t have any odor, you can use Dr. Mist deodorant in combination with any other perfume. While Dr. Mist deodorant will take care of your body odor, the fragrance of the expensive perfume used by you will last as the odor of your sweat doesn’t get a chance to affect its power.

Takes care of skin discoloration – Dr. Mist deodorant is very effective in tackling pigmentation and darkening of skin – this normally takes place because of germs and other acidic sweat reactions.

Takes care of toxins and germs – Dr. Mist deodorant is very effective in taking care of toxins and germs that are present on your skin.

Thus Dr. Mist deodorant scores over any other underarm deodorant that can be found in the market – very rarely will any other underarm deodorant offer so much to its user.