Body Odor Parameters


With So Many Different Kinds of Deodorant, Which is Right for You? The sheer number of different kinds of deodorant on the supermarket shelves can overwhelm you.  There are so many choices: Stick or spray?  Scented or unscented?  Wet or dry?  Trying to decide between these can seem an impossible task. The ingredients label doesn’t help either.  You would need a chemistry degree to sort out the chemical properties. So, what to do? The key to choose the right odor protection is to consider your personal body odor parameters.

What are Body Odor Parameters?

Your body odor parameters are the social, physiological, and chemical conditions that make up your body’s unique odor patterns.  It’s a little different for everyone, but defining these parameters allows you to narrow your choices down to the best matches for your odor needs. So what are these parameters?

Gender – Companies market deodorants differently according to the sex of the consumer.  And it’s not just the darker hues of greens, blues and browns for men, and pinks and pastels for the gals or the fact that women’s scents tend to be fruitier than men’s.  There are biochemical reasons as well.  The glands that excrete sweat and create armpit odor act differently in relation to male and female sex hormones.  Getting a gender specific deodorant increases the chances you will get maximum odor protection.

Odor Intensity – Factors like body type and diet can change the intensity of your odor patterns.  If you are overweight or eat a diet high in fats, you may find that the glands in your armpits secrete stronger odors than your skinnier, vegetarian acquaintances.  A stronger, dry stick may be more appropriate for you if you have stronger body odors.  You may also consider getting a scented deodorant that will chemically mask your body odors when your deodorant breaks down late in the day.

On the other hand, have milder natural ingredients like baking soda. These will have a less of a reaction with your body while still keeping you dry and odor free.

Skin Sensitivity and Health – If you are prone to eczema or other skin sensitivity conditions, you will want to choose a deodorant with hypoallergenic properties.  These deodorants avoid the harsh chemicals that most often cause reactions in people with skin sensitivities.

Ideally, you want to use deodorants with natural compounds that have a longer track record of health testing.  The stronger your deodorant, the greater the chance that the chemicals used have negative side effects.

Extraneous Factors – You may also want to consider factors such as cost when choosing from the different kinds of deodorant.  If you only trust brand names, you may have to pay a little more. You may also have certain moral and political considerations.  Are you okay with animal testing, for example?  If these considerations are important to you, you will have to do some extra investigation. These days, most deodorants indicate whether they were tested on animals right on the package, just look for the animal cruelty label.

Trial Runs – With these factors in mind, you are now armed with the tools you need to narrow the many different kinds of deodorant to two or three that are the best match for you.  Try each for a month—preferably all in the same season—and choose the one that best fits your body’s odor pattern.

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The 29th Geneva International Invention And New Technique Of Switzerland Award

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The 3rd Global Excellent Product Golden Rim Award

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SMI Award – Outstanding Accomplishments and Contributions

Benefit of Using Dr. Mist Deodorant

Deodorant Spray

If you have been looking for a good underarm deodorant and have not been very successful in finding one for your body odor, you can now relax because your search for a good underarm deodorant ends with Dr. Mist deodorant. There are ample benefits of using Dr. Mist deodorant:

Easy to use – if you have been using a number of underarm deodorants and have faced irritating skin problems, just try Dr. Mist deodorant – you will not face any such problems. In fact it is very effective in destroying the offensive body odor that is present in your body. You can even use it on your feet – that will take care of the odor present out there. Using it is very easy – all you need to do is spray it directly under your armpits and similarly on your feet before you go out.

Additional benefits – Dr. Mist deodorant provides you with a number of other benefits too – it helps you to get rid of the germs and toxins that will be present in your skin pores. Besides this, you are also able to add new life to the areas of your skin wherever discoloration takes place – this is possible if you use Dr. Mist underarm deodorant. Thus it can tackle the darkening and pigmentation of the skin that takes place due to germs and the acidic sweat reactions that place in your body.

No feeling of stickiness – unlike any underarm deodorant that can cause stickiness after using it, Dr. Mist deodorant is great for your underarms as you will not feel any kind of stickiness after spraying it on your skin. You also will be able to protect your clothes from any kinds of stains that are commonly experienced when you use other deodorants.

Feel fresh, feel natural – Dr. Mist deodorant is one of those rare underarm deodorants that actually make you feel fresh and natural from within after you have tried it on your skin.

Very effective – Dr. Mist deodorant is really amazing, as once you have sprayed it on your underarm, you can be assured that its action will last for a really long time – it will keep your body clean and fresh – yes it can do that even if you have not showered for a day or two.

Use the same bottle for everyone – you can easily use the same underarm deodorant spray for all your family members, without needing to worry about any kind of contamination – great aren’t it?

No false promises – most people who desperately need underarm deodorant for their body feel cheated as in spite of so many deodorants being available in the market, they hardly come across anything that can actually help them to get rid of their body odor. On the other hand Dr. Mist deodorant helps you to get your self confidence back by effectively tackling your body odor and making it vanish completely. You can now easily move around in your social circles without needing to have an inferiority complex.

Thus in every possible manner Dr. Mist deodorant is the ideal underarm deodorant for eliminating the odor present in your body.